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Paper weights, obelisks, morter & pestel and pyramids

Obelisks - MA819, MA192 & MA181
One of the first sculptured forms, the obelisk represented a major watershed of human social development. The true obelisk was developed early in the 4th dynasty and built of only one piece of stone – a sign of power, stability and territorial boundary. Today this pillar of social status continues to proliferate a mythical aura. The ultimate honor or award, our obelisks elicit strength and achievement.

Mortar & Pestle - MA920
This item goes very well in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Personalized Medical school graduation gifts.  It has been used almost exclusively by the pharmacist. It is universally recognized as the symbol of medical and pharmaceutical professions. The Mortar & Pestle can increase brand name recognition and goodwill through Detail promotions. It also makes an ideal award.

More Paperweights! Pyramids - MA891, MA789 & MA678
A sign of beauty and engineering excellence are the Great Pyramids. These paperweights, designed after Egypt’s eight wonder of the world, are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Pharaohs used pyramids as an elaborate funerary edifice, but we recommend them as paperweights – a monument of your commitment to excellence. Second side engraved at additional charge

Abacus - MA910
A striking calculatory device and paperweight in one! An abacus, the ancient oriental equivalent of our calculator, is still used today. This fully-functioning piece is crafted of solid brass and mounted on a natural marble base. An instruction booklet is included. Impact Engraving on underside.

Clive Marker - MA567
The Clive marker was originally a stone marker that was placed atop the Himilayian Mountains to mark survey points for the region. Each marker is made from solid Verdi marble, and is handcut and polished to our specifications. Our marker was designed to mark the mountains of paperwork on your desk. Engrave your company logo on the face or just enjoy it plain.

MA678 LARGE PYRAMID 2 7/8"x2 7/8"x5¼" 7½ sq. inches 1.50 51.00
MA789 MEDIUM PYRAMID not shown 3½"x3½"x3¼" 5½ sq. inches 1.50 51.00
MA891 SMALL PYRAMID 2½"x2½"x2¼" 2¾ sq. inches 1.00 32.40
MA181 LARGE OBELISK 3¼"x3¼"x12" 17 sq. inches 7.50 99.00
MA819 MEDIUM OBELISK 2½"x2½"x10" 12 sq. inches 4.00 78.00
MA192 SMALL OBELISK 2"x2"x8" 9 sq. inches 1.75 58.00
MA920 MORTAR & PESTLE 4 1/8"x4" 1¼"x3¼" 5.00 40.80
MA910 ABACUS 2 3/8"x3½"x3¼" 2 3/8"x3½" .075 36.30
MA567 CLIVE MARKER 3"x4"x¾" 2"x3" or 1.0 30.00

Prices include engraving and one colorfill. Additional colors 10.00.
Personalization: 10.00 per name, 6.00 per monogram.
Marble is a natural product. Every piece will vary in color and pattern.

If you would like to place an order, please call us
at 800-241-5134 or email us at

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